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  • Position : Home Page>Partnership Alliance>Conditions of Cooperation

    Alliance of cooperation ·Basic conditions of franchise


  • Cooperative object

    Commercial agent of plastic products.

    Organization or legal person dedicated in the promotion of environment friendly products.

    Related organization or legal person in the industry chain of biodegradable products.

  • Cooperative requirements

    Corporation or organization registered legally in the State Administration for Industry and Commerce and of legitimate operation.

    With mature selling channels of plastic products, or with a stable and large scale partnership with the demand side.

    Those whose average annual sale more than 3 million are preferred.

    Those with fixed shop for the exposition and selling of products are preferred.

  • Cooperative content

    Sell all kinds of product authorized by the Kaiyuan in the franchised region.

    Including the category of bag, category of film, and other product developed in the future.

    Those whose average annual sale over 2 million CNY in the first three years is preferred.

    The agent can develop new products of stability and in bulk in accordance with its own conditions, and the entrusting party is responsible to offer the customized production and provision.(the product franchised nationally is not included. )