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    Company Profile

    Established in 1967, Sichuan Kai Yuan Chuang Yi Biologic Technology Co., Ltd. is a privately owned  limited company dedicated in the manufacturing and selling of plastic products. As a medium-sized enterprise of the Light Industry System of Sichuan Province, Kaiyuan owns registered capital of 20.13 million CNY, land covering of 12,000 square meters, and 80 employees(16 professionals ). The company was listed on the Q board of the Shanghai Equity Exchange on the date of Dec.8, 2015; Code of Q board: 208639.

          Our company now is dedicated into the one-station service of R&D, manufacturing, and selling of the pure biodegradable products like the Kaiyuan Biodegradable Film, Kaiyuan Biodegradable shopping bag, Kaiyuan freshness protection bag, Kaiyuan biodegradable garbage bags. The Kaiyuan series of products are the technological fruits produced by the joint effort of our company and the Germany BASF--the top chemical enterprise known worldwidely. The products are made from the original biodegradable material PBAT and the PLA extracted from the corns, thus the security of the product pass the strict detection of EU. The products meet the Safety Regulations of Toxicology and can be biodegraded.

    The biodegradable products are featured by the following characteristics:

    1. The physic properties totally meet the indicators of general PE products;

    2. The non-toxicity and high temperature resistance apply to the production and package of food and infant products;

    3. the product can be 100% biodegradable under the composting condition and be metabolized to the water and carbon dioxide;

    4. the degradation time is controllable. The time can be set in accordance with the production requirement of the applicable users to adapt different living and manufacturing conditions in different regions. The strong universality of the degradable films can be applied to the mulching film, various inner and external packaging film, handbag, storage bag, freshness protection bag, and food wrap, etc.


    The product quality is ensured by the excellent equipment, strong technological power, advanced manufacturing processing, and detection means. We are unswervingly stick to the product quality and quality management. The Quality System Certification ISO9001 that we got in 2001 can totally guarantee the product quality. For the last two decades, our products have passed all the provincial and national quality detection. The mulching film of Kaiyuan Brand has gained the Title of “ Famous Brand of Sichuan Province ” of the 4,5,6,7,8,9,10 session since 1999. The company was entitled as “Inspection-Free Product of Sichuan Province” in 2002, and shared good prestige among the peasantry. Besides, we’ve got plenty honors, Advanced Enterprise of Sichuan Province, Steady-Growth Enterprise, Advanced Enterprise of Ratepaying, to name a few.

    The company insist the objective of “Quality First, Client First, Forging Ahead, Factualism and innovation". The quality management is put at the core of enterprise management to consistently improve the quality management system, and the ability of quality guarantee, making the client satisfied with the Kaiyuan Brand.

    Now the company is equipped with 10 sets of film blowing machine, 2 sets of pouch machine, 2 sets of injection molding machine, some dies; the annual production capability has reached 10,000 tons; the annual sale exceed 70 million yuan.