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  • Partnership Alliance

    Biodegradable products of betway必威登陆官网_必威betway官方网站首页|官方下载 Co., Ltd.

  • Cooperative object

  • Cooperative requirements

  • Cooperative content

  • What the betway必威登陆官网_必威betway官方网站首页|官方下载 Co., Ltd. (hereinafter Kaiyuan) can offer to partner agent(hereinafter the agent)

    All the certifications and licenses needed for the selling of the authorized product;

    All-around training and instruction involved in the selling of the authorized product;

    Team building, Design of Visual Identity, Expansion of selling channel to the agency company、

    Full service and profound follow-up of the channel development;

    The promotion of the product and the company around the nation (or across the world) to expand the fame and prestige;

    The uniqueness and exclusiveness of the agent in a certain region……

  • Obligations of Partner agent (authorized agent)

    Pay the franchise fee to Kaiyuan.

    (No franchise fee is required during the exploration period of new product.);

    Pay the performance bond to Kaiyuan;

    Pay the down payment to the Kaiyuan

    Reach the minimum annual selling target;

    Sell the product at the price established by Kaiyuan and Do not disturb the market……

  • Product Center

    Biodegradable products of betway必威登陆官网_必威betway官方网站首页|官方下载 Co., Ltd.